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Edit your videos creatively

GOM Mix Pro is a free multimedia program that enables you to easily edit videos. Developed by GOM Lab, this software is designed to be user-friendly, with an accessible interface that saves time in navigating the available tools. Despite having “Pro” in its name, this program is a free version. There’s only one permanent payment setup for the full version but you need an add-on package to unlock some usable media.

What is GOM Mix Pro?

GOM Mix Pro is a highly-versatile video editor that offers both basic and advanced tools for any type of user. From the simple trim, crop, and split functions to the more in-depth text and image formatting, almost everything you can expect from a video editor is available here. While there are not a lot of built-in tooltips here like the other GOM products, you can still access an online user guide directly on the menu and see the full documentation of this software. 

Its user interface contains all of the necessary editing sections in plain sight. There are three overall areas: the Preview Screen on the top left, the Sources & Effects on the top right and opposite of the Preview Screen, and the Timeline Pane on the bottom of the two. You can start right away by dragging and dropping the files from the Sources & Effects area. The free version features tons of preset options but some of them have to be unlocked with the paid version first.

Choose whatever you like

In the Preview Screen, you can find the playback slider and its controls, Play, Stop, 1 Second Backward, and 1 Second Forward. There are two viewing modes available here: Clip Mode, which plays the selected clip or media, and Project Mode, which plays all clips. You can also screen-capture whatever is on the preview. If you add text and images, you can manually move their placement on the Preview Screen—even adjust their size and rotation by clicking and dragging.

The Sources & Effects section has the most number of features on it. There are 6 major tabs: Media Source, Text/Image, Template, Overlay Clip, Filter, and Transition. Media Source displays all the multimedia files, encoded videos, and preset samples you can use on the software. Text/Image contains the text editor tool and clip art collection. Meanwhile, Template, Overlay Clip, Filter, and Transition are mostly the same in how they can look animated but differ in the types of effects they produce on the videos.

Not complicated to use

The Timeline Pane, on the other hand, has 7 layers. The first has the usual tools, like Undo and Redo, Trim, Delete, Select Area, and Volume Control. The far-right side of it has the option to start a new project, import, save, and export. The second layer enables you to zoom in and out and shows the duration. The remaining 5 layers are each for the media source, overlay clip, audio, text, and image—allowing you to overlap all elements together

This handy editor is considerably low cost but impressive in how much it can deliver. If you’d like to unlock all available free media here, however, you need two things: Full Version and Extra Package. These just differ in whether you’ve previously used the free version. If you have, just buy the Full Version license and get Extra Package to unlock everything. Both remove the ads, watermarks, and limitations on encoding. You can also get this editor as a bundle with other GOM programs.

Great for post-production

Overall, GOM Mix Pro doesn’t disappoint with how it offers. Not only does it provide templates and effects for free, but it’s also flexible with most of the popular video file standards. It even allows you to upload directly to YouTube and Google Drive. You can’t customize its theme to other colors but other than that, it’s great and easy enough for complete beginners to pick up.

GOM Mix Pro is a fantastic editor for Windows that makes it pretty easy for anyone to give their videos a professional look.

- Video editing sources: Combining clips and files, as well as adding text and images into moving footage. Media, Audio, fonts, and images are included by default.
- Various templates: moving curtains, doors that open, and animated headings are some of the presets that you can overlay on your videos. You can even customize some nice opening or closing credits, to give any video a touch of professionalism.
- Overlay clips: Over 225 elements between transitions, particle effects, post-production lighting, and animated frames.
- ’Photoshop for Videos’ with more than 100 filters: You can add all sorts of post-production effects beyond the typical brightness and contrast controls.
- Export options: You can export your videos in MP4, OGM, or FLV, each one with different compression codecs available. You can also choose the aspect ratio, frame rate, and the type of audio compression.
- Continuous updates: The numerous templates, overlay clips, editing tools, and filters added regularly

GOM Mix Pro is a fantastic tool for anyone who’s looking for a software that’s not too complicated, accessible to anyone who’s never worked with these types of editors before. The amount of audiovisual content offered, along with its flexibility and compatibility with the most used video standards, make it a versatile option to keep in mind.
GOM Mix Pro is considerably low-cost and essentially perfect for anyone looking to effortlessly create home videos or small clips for fun.
Overall, this modern editing program can deliver impressive video content within very little time. Available for Windows through different buying options (Free Version, Extra Package, and Full Version) this is an application that can document your memories in style.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Tons of free templates, filters, audio samples, and effects
  • In-depth customization of overlapping elements
  • Can upload directly to social media


  • Not a lot of built-in tooltips available
  • Can’t change the dark theme

GOM Mix Pro for PC

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  • 5
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